The team

par Emma

25 years old

Founder of Dust of Music, I asked my little elves to join me in this adventure. Concert venues are my second home and I like to go there while ridding an unicorn, that’s kinda cool. Enjoying all forms of art, I will be one some day. Brining joy and craziness, I hope to make you dream as much as possible.

25 years old

Always with a book, a camera in my bang and music in my ears! I am talkative, loving life and in love with my friends. It can be around a coffee, a tea or a beer, I will always be keen to go out! And for a gig? That’s even better! From indie electro to jazz, while going through classic music, techno and pop, only some notes can turn me into a dancefloor king.

24 years old

A young and euphoric music lover who loves to daydream. For me, music is full of possibilities and has always something to offer. Open-minded, I enjoy discover new artists and music genres and get myself into music uncharted landscapes.