par Emma

What is Dust of Music?

Dust of Music is a music website created in 2013 by Jennifer Gonsard. First called Dust of Pastel, the site is more cultural and deals with all kinds of art to finally move to the musical side. That’s why the site becomes Dust of Music and is now dedicated to music in all its states. We will talk about concerts, albums, releases and other diverse categories related to music. All editors of Dust of Music will try to share their passion and their musical tastes with you through many different articles.

Why Dust of Music?

We are all music fans and have lived in this environment since our early childhood, which makes it a passion. Jennifer decided to create this site to share with people, also fans of music, her passion and her concerts. She offers help to Maya and then asks other friends to join the adventure. This site is made for pleasure and envy. It’s the desire to discover music or to share things that we all live together. Dust of Music is sharing.